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Submitted: 29 May 2019 Modified: 29 May 2019
HERDIN Record #: 108920-19052917054378

Competency assessment of intra-operative performance of fourth year student nurses in the operating room.

Janice O. Aliswag,
Dianna  Alcaide,
Ice  D. Banganan,
Girlie  F. Cayachen,
Jessele  B.  Daluyen,
Huda  I. Hassan,
Judy Anne  B. Lagasi,
Angelli Grace  P. Laongan,
Dinah  M. Lucena,
Nelba  A. Simmaoa ,
Godfrey  G. Mendoza

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Competence has become an important concept in human resource development and education during recent decades. Competence is needed by a professional nurse in order to perform responsibility without encountering problems that might put the patient and the organization into danger. This study assessed the level of competency of fourth year student nurses in the operating room under the 11 key areas of responsibility. This study explored the extent of learning of student nurse and able to desired revisiting the evaluation tool for intra-operative assessment used by college or school of nursing.


This study used quantitative descriptive-survey design. The participants are the fourth year student nurses of the University of the Cordilleras. It uses self-made survey questionnaire in Likert scale type patterned from the evaluation tool utilized by the clinical instructor in evaluating student nurse performance in the operating room after reliability and validity testing. Frequency, percentage, weighted mean, ANOVA, and t-test were used to treat data gathered. Ethical principles for protecting study participants were employed: respect for person, beneficence and justice, anonymity and confidentiality and Data privacy act of 2012.


The fourth year student nurses are highly competent in the operating room with a general weighted mean result of 3.33; there is no significant difference on the level of competency of fourth year student nurses in terms of age and gender per core competency; it also shows that fourth year student nurses are highly competent" in the operating room in terms of Safe & Quality nursing practice, Management of Resources and Environment, Health Education, Legal Responsibility, Ethico-Moral Responsibility, Personal and Professional Development, Quality Improvement, Research, Record Management, Communication and Collaboration & Teamwork.


The fourth year student nurses are highly competent in intra-operative care in performing the 11 core competencies in the operating room but still needs minimal assistance from the Clinical Instructor.

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Research Report

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