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Submitted: 24 December 2018 Modified: 24 December 2018
HERDIN Record #: CAR-CRHRDC-18122408154160

Assessment of patient satisfaction: A study on the pharmaceutical services provided by drugstores in Session Road, Baguio City.

Tyrene Casey B. Martinez,
Raiah Nadine S. Rentar,
Christian Q. Salcedo,
Alex Jay G. Sevilla III,
Dan Jared R. Simon,
Michelle T. Huang

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Patient satisfaction with regards to the pharmaceutical care rendered by different middle chain drugstores in Baguio City was studied. The researchers gave a comprehensive questionnaire to 600 clients, selected in random, in 5 different community pharmacies situated in Session Road, Baguio City immediately after the clients' visit to the said drugstores. The questionnaire served as a tool to measure the client's satisfaction in relation with the pharmaceutical services provided. The survey questionnaire consisted of 35 questions which asked the respondents to rate their satisfaction in terms of the dispensing area and process, personnel's skills, relationship established by the pharmacist with the patients including assessment of their state of health and the overall convenience of the services. The respondents were asked to rate questions from 1 (Not satisfied) to 4 (Very Satisfied). The total amount of responses gathered among the pharmacies appeared to aggregate satisfaction with regards to the space of waiting area, the number of waiting chairs available and the time spent waiting for their medications to be purchased and prescriptions to be filled. Most respondents are also satisfied with the professionalism shown by the pharmacist/s and the technical soundness and modernism of the pharmacy's facility.

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Research Report

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