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Submitted: 24 December 2018 Modified: 24 December 2018
HERDIN Record #: CAR-CRHRDC-18122407032915

Pharmaceutical care: Therapeutic needs assessment of the School of Engineering and Architecture employees.

E.B. Pascual,
R.A. Hocson,
H.L. Paet,
M.D. Rimas,
C.M. Rivera,
R.J. Seredio

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This study aims to assess the therapeutic needs of the respondents- as to the number of medications, amount of information about medications, and as to the number of disease states. The data for this study were collected using a survey questionnaire. There were 67 respondents involved in the study from the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the SY 2014-2015. Hypertension, arthritis, diabetes and asthma are the most common chronic medical conditions that are acquired by most School of Engineering and Architecture employees. Male respondents and those who are at the age of 30-39 are the most susceptible in acquiring chronic conditions. Hence, they require additional pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapy for maintenance and management. Further assessment and condition monitoring must be provided. Males are generally more susceptible in acquiring chronic medical conditions due to several vices they engage with, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Males are also prone to acquiring diseases because they engage in heavier workload. The early adulthood stage is the stage wherein the employees become more susceptible and at the same time more conscious about their health and thus take action in order to help lessen the severity of the disease. The proper drug administration and proper dosage regimen are the most commonly given information by the pharmacist to the employees.

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Research Report

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