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Submitted: 24 December 2018 Modified: 24 December 2018
HERDIN Record #: CAR-CRHRDC-18122406591979

Pharmaceutical care practice: Therapeutic needs assessment of Saint Louis University (SLU)-School of Natural Sciences (SNS) employees.

Eva Marie Pascual,
Meganne Cher B. Turtem,
Monique Raizza B. Agbuya,
Karen Grace B. Canlas,
Cassandra Shane T. Liclican,
Jacquelyn C. Villanueva

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This study aimed to assess the therapeutic needs of the employees ofSaint Louis University (SLU) - School of Natural Sciences (SNS), Baguio City by identifying common medical conditions, medications and side effects of these medications. It made use of the descriptive method of researchthrough a questionnaire. The data gathered from respondents were statistically analyzed and interpreted using frequency and weighted mean. Results of the assessment showed a finding that indicates the top three most common medical conditions experienced by the employees of SNS in SLU were back pain, asthma and migraine which were not parallel to that of the top three diseases stated in the survey conducted by the different health organizations in the Philippines. Moreover, it has been found out that the occurrence of the conditions, back pain and migraine, were not due to family history while most employees with asthma revealed that there was a possible relationship between their condition and their family medical history. The said conditions can be classified as acute, thus it does not impose so much risk to the health and duties of the employees. Climate showed the most commonly experienced aggravating factor which contributed to the triggering or worsening of the said conditions. In relation with the medications they were taking to treat their conditions, most of them acquire it through physician's prescription. The side effects obtained from the medications which were usually experienced by the employees occur seldom with mild intensity. Hence, they were said to be managed by ignoring and still continuing the use of drugs. The perceived  over-all health of the employees was good, which can be concluded that the health of employees of SNS in SLU were given enough attention to provide and maintain an average quality of life sufficient to perform and avoid interference of their stated medical conditions to their given jobs.

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Research Report

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