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Submitted: 23 December 2018 Modified: 23 December 2018
HERDIN Record #: CAR-CRHRDC-18122323002457

Awareness and attitude of miners in Camp Suerte, Virak, Acupan, Itogon with regards to the effects of mining to health.

Jenna Lee Q. Valencia,
Gillian Shay T. Calubandi,
Jhunelyn A. Chumacog,
Jenna Marie C. Dela Pena,
Lalaine N. Lampesa,
Princess U. Lorenzo

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Mining is a broad term describing the method of extracting minerals from the earth's crust. Mining operations proceed in four distinct stages: prospecting, exploration, development, and exploitation. Chemicals are utilized for convenience of extracting mineral which includes cyanide, mercury, sulfuric acid, arsenic, and methyl mercury. The effects of these chemicals to the environment and the health of the miners became an issue in the mining industry. This occupation, both large scale and small scale, is prevalent in municipalities like Tuba, Tublay, Mankayan, and Bakun. It was in the 1930's that communities made mining a part of their tradition. Up until now, there are still small scale mining corporations that are still operating, this includes the miners in Camp Suerte, Virak, Acupan,Itogon, Benguet. Due to the hazardous nature of mining, the study aims to gauge the awareness and attitude of miners to the effects of toxic chemicals being used in the industry. Two types of surveys were employed in the study. This includes preliminary site survey and survey proper which includes a closed guided questionnaire to the respondents accompanied by personal interviews to the miners. Sixty (60) male miners whose age ranges from 19 and above were surveyed in Camp Suerte, Virak, Acupan, Itogon, Benguet. Using Yamane's formula, statistics show that mercury, ammonium nitrate and cyanide are the commonly used chemicals in mining operations in Acupan. In conclusion, the miners in Camp Suerte are highly aware of the signs and symptoms associated with the use of the chemicals and thus they are also highly aware of the effects of such in the body. The research shows that the miners in Camp Suerte, Itogon, Benguet are knowledgeable on the proper usage of protective garments and are highly aware that it is the key control for managing hazards on their jobs, however in all small-scale mining operations, the means of preventing accidents or ensuring occupational health are minimal. The research provides information that serves as basis in improving existing procedures or guidelines that could be utilized in conducting safety seminars/trainings for miners and mine owners. The study presents information that could improve existing procedures practiced by miners in order to minimize occurrence of accidents related to the miners' health and safety. Regardless of the type of occupation, health and safety of the workers will always be of a primary concern.

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Research Report

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