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Submitted: 23 December 2018 Modified: 23 December 2018
HERDIN Record #: CAR-CRHRDC-18122322424421

Views of the residents of Barangay Pinget, Baguio City on establishing new techniques to improve patient understanding on medications.

Anna Marielette D. Ilaw,
Lee-Anne V. Sanglay,
Jyril Shayne B. Surro,
Beverly Jade D. Toribio,
Lyka Maye R. Viloria,
Jenna Lee Q. Valencia

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Drug labels provide information that is considered to be vital in achieving desired therapeutic outcomes and in preventing medication errors and non-adherence. The research shows that a number of consumers experience difficulties in understanding drug labels. The purpose of this study is to know these difficulties and to know what specific techniques could be used for the improvement of the said problem. Convenience sampling was used for the study, which includes 100 random consumers from Brgy. Pinget, Baguio city, aged 18 and above. A predominant number of consumers strongly preferred the translation of terminologies used in simple terms as a technique in improving their understanding regarding their medication. They favored the use of personalized drug inserts as a medium for accessing their translated drug labels. The respondents perceived the recommended techniques as very helpful in medication compliance, medication administration, prevention of bad effects, and in providing convenience.

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Research Report

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