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Submitted: 10 July 2018 Modified: 24 August 2018
HERDIN Record #: NCR-SBU-18071014164134

The effectiveness of the use of inhalational aromatherapy in reducing anxiety among healthy pregnant women in the normal course of pregnancy: A systematic review.

Ronel Mark  B. Bautista,
Patrick Andrew  G. Bayona,
Frances Karen S. Cabel,
Paula Bianca  M. Climacosa,
Dara Danica  M. Dañez,
EzraleeYhana  R. De Villa,
Angelika Mae  E. Encina,
Denise Patricia  M. Francisco,
Shirley  G. Garay,
Joon Chester  S. Guina,
Marianne Eleanor  N. Ilagan,
Mary Pompei  D. Inocencio

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BACKGROUND: Pregnancy is a period surrounded by biopsychosocial changes. During and after gravidity, studies have shown that mothers are more predisposed to psychiatric disturbances such as depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD and psychosis. The most common of which being anxiety which had around 25% of women in one study.1,2 Anxiety and stress have been linked with premature delivery, low birth weight, and neonatal morbidity and mortality.9 Aromatherapy, yoga, acupuncture and massage are some of the more commonly-used therapies in pregnancy. Aromatherapy is a form of complementary medicine that seeks to reduce stress and induce a feeling of calmness by stimulating the olfactory system through the use of essential oils.13 However, their effects on mental health have been investigated only to a limited extent.

OBJECTIVES:  To determine the effectiveness of aromatherapy in reducing anxiety among healthy pregnant women in any stage of pregnancy using anxiety scales (e.g. Spielberger state-trait inventory, profile for mood states, visual analog scale for anxiety, verbal anxiety scale) and physiologic parameters (e.g. blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate, electrocardiogram).

METHODOLOGY: Studies that shall be considered for this review are randomized controlled trials. All articles regardless of year of publication will be considered. Publications in foreign languages will be included provided an English version is accessible. Subjects are all pregnant woman who underwent any aromatherapy during the intranatal, puerperium, and postnatal period, are aged 15-50 years old, and regardless of their gravidity. Outcome measure for anxiety will be through the Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI). The Cochrane Database, PubMed, Herdin, Clinical Key, UpToDate, EBSCOHost, and Google Scholar will be used to search for relevant studies to be included in this review. The Review Manager 5.3 Software will be used to assess weighted mean difference using 95% confidence interval.

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Research Report
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