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HERDIN Record #: R07-CIM-18030817504627 Submitted: 09 March 2018 Modified: 30 October 2018

Treatment compliance and disease knowledge of patients undergoing TB-DOTS program at public DOTS providers in the west health area of Cebu City.

Terry Lynne Abangan,
Mariel Cerise Damole,
Diego Rodrigo Esiao,
April Legaspi,
Camille Danica Mirhan,
Rustico Ometer,
Andre Anthony Osayan,
Kristine Anne Rosello,
Brice Serquina,
Christmae Maxine Solon,
Carmel Valmoria,
Albert Ian Villegas

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Context/Background: The TB-DOTS program was implemented by the DOH with the aims of reducing the prevalence and mortality rates of tuberculosis in the Philippines by 50% relative to that of 1990. Better knowledge of the disease has been associated with improved patient compliance to treatment. Objective: This study aimed to describe the levels of knowledge and compliance of patients enrolled in TB-DOTS in public centers in the West Health Area of Cebu City. Study Design: Descriptive normative. Study Setting: The study was conducted in public TB-DOTS providers in the West Health Area of Cebu City. Study Population: Population includes patients 18-65 years of age diagnosed with Tuberculosis Category 1 and currently enrolled in a TB-DOTS program for treatment. Maneuver: After undergoing a documented informed consent process, study participants were asked to answer a questionnaire to measure their knowledge of TB disease. Their compliance status was determined from log-books of the TB-DOTS center where they were enrolled. Results: Age group with most patients was 20-30 years old, with the least number of participants belonging to the 30-40-year-old age group. Mean age of participants was 32. Most of the patients were male (65.8), versus females (34.2%). Majority of the respondents were high school graduates, and most first learned about TB from a health care provider. 61.5% were satisfactorily knowledgeable while 38.5% were not. Knowledge in terms of signs and symptoms, treatment and prevention were satisfactory (71.1%, 60.5%, 66.4%), but that of the mode of transmission was slow (51.7%). 93% were compliant with treatment, with only 2.3% non-compliant, and 4.7% deceased due to other causes besides TB and treatment. Conclusion: More than half of the population were satisfactorily knowledgeable, with satisfactory mean scores in terms of knowledge on signs and symptoms, treatment, and prevention. Most of the respondents were compliant, with only one patient found to be non-compliant.    

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