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HERDIN Record #: R07-CITU-17040412024284 Submitted: 04 April 2017 Modified: 04 April 2017

Personality traits and levels of life satisfaction of retired PNP officers in Cebu city.

Dessa Corsino,
Lara Chezka Nicole Dumaguit,
Maria Conception  Mayono,
Jinky  Racoma,
Reshiel Grace Sebes,
Michelle A. Cellona

This study investigated the life satisfaction factors of retired Philippine National Police Officers in Cebu City. The study probed into the factors affecting life satisfaction, and the influencing factors that contributed to the outcome of results. Results showed that the research participants had moderate to high tendency of extraversion. In addition, there had been moderate to high tendencies of negative personality such as lying, neuroticism, and psychoticism. The result further showed that they were highly satisfied in Comfortable Acceptance of Self and other nature (3.38), (being highly satisfied being respected by others and despite the fame and fear they have they still feel satisfied), followed by Peak Experiences (3.49), (being highly satisfied during the time they encountered cases which related to drugs and syndicate, it helps them boost their feelings of being a performing police officer), yet there were low satisfaction among Task Centering (2.44), they are substantially dissatisfied with what they are doing),Work Relationship (2.76), (participants were detached from bond of his subordinates after retirements), and neighborhood relationship (3.03).  The findings of the study came-up with a proposed developmental program entitled, "PO.LI.C.E" was conceptualized for the upcoming and present retired police officers in Cebu City. The program intends to address the needs which the research participants showed moderate tendencies on lying, which was the highest, followed by psychoticism and neuroticism and on the personality aspect using the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire - Revised Short Form. Despite the moderate tendencies, the research participants did not show satisfaction to some aspects on self-actualization. There was dissatisfaction on duty or responsibilities during the service that might lead the research participants to not fully achieve the satisfaction in life.


Keywords: Life Satisfaction, Personality Trait, Self-Actualized,                Developmental Program

Publication Type
Research Report
June 1, 2016-April 4, 2017


The study determined the levels of life satisfaction among retired Philippine National Police Officer. The life satisfaction among retired Philippine National Police is measured through personality trait using Eyesenck's Personality tool and levels of life satisfaction among PNP personnel in terms of Self-Actualization characteristics: Comfortable Acceptance, Peak Experience, and Task Centering; Comfort with Solitude Social Relationship, Family Dynamics, Work Relationship, Neighborhood


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