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HERDIN Record #: R07-CIM-17030914482139 Submitted: 09 March 2017 Modified: 06 June 2018

The inhibitory effect of Callistemon Viminalis (weeping bottlebrush) crude leaf extract against A549 non-cell lung adenocarcinoma.

Abdusattar T. Abduraup,
Carmela  P. Alcos,
Charmia Kim G. Balansag,
Pearl Niza Angeli A. Benigno,
Kristine Hope  Y. Cabigon,
Dovenne Jade A. Cania,
Ariane  A. Corpuz,
Michelle Lureine I. Dajao,
Karina Louise B. De la Cruz,
Bede Joseph E. Ilano,
Karlo N. Mayol,
James Manuel S. Medalla,
Mary Fel Z. Peñaranda,
Michelle Dawn Y. Ramos,
Gleciel Mae M. Rubillos,
Laura Zusanne K. Suarez,
Redan M. Verula,
Shanida Camomot, MD

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Background: Lung cancer is the leading cause of mortality among cancer related diseases in the Philippines. The need for an affordable alternative to commercialized treatment is high. The C. viminalis (Weeping bottlebrush) extract was found to have anti developmental  effects on T. gratilla embryos resulting in arrest at certain stages. Objective: To determine the inhibitory effect of C. viminalis ( weeping bottle brush) crude leaf extract using 6.25 µg/mL, 12 µg/mL and 50 µg/mL concentrations against A549 non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma. Research Design: In-vitro controlled experimental research design was utilized. Research Setting: This study was conducted at the Mammalian Cell Culture Laboratory of the Institute of Biology, Univesity of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City. Study Population: Fresh mature leaves of C. niminalis collected from Sacred Heart Church Compound, Cebu City, Philippines. Maneuvers: C. viminalis leaves were processed into ethanolic extracts in different concentrations. 3-(4,5-Dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-dihenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) cytotoxicity assay was performed using the extracts on A549 non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma with doxorubicin as the positive control. The absorbance was read using ICPIN and then interpreted. Result and Discussions: The leaf extracts in all concentrations of C. viminalis was able to inhibit the A549 non-small lung adenocarcinoma at an IC50  of 23.21 µg/mL. As established by the American National Cancer Institute, an inhibitory activity of crude extracts is an IC50  of less than 30µg/ml in the preliminary assay. Since C. viminalis showed an IC50  of 23.21 µg/mL, this indicates potential for further purification of the crude extract. Conclusion: The leaf extratcs in all concentrations of C. viminalis was able to inhibit the A549 non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma at an IC50  of 23.21 µg/mL with percent inhibition directly proportional to the concentration of the extracts and is thus worth further investigation with a view of isolating and purifying the active compounds. This may provide profound clinical implication for oncology. 

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Thesis Degree
Publication Date
April 2015
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Cebu Institute of Medicine Abstract Print Format
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