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Submitted: 09 July 2010 Modified: 22 February 2018
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD07091012074265

Preference of mothers between home delivery and hospital delivery.

1Erika Angeli Yuzon,
2Catherine Ramos,
3Melbourne Pondales,
4Poinsettia Lanticse


This research intended to explore the preference of mothers between hospital and home delivery. The study investigated the preference of mothers based on various issues which include safety and security, comfort, privacy, bonding with mother and child, skilled health care professionals, services rendered, availability of materials or equipment, anxiety and stress, restrictions and policies during delivery, decreased infant-maternal death, past delivery experiences, and decreased risk of infection. The survey covered 50 mothers as respondents with age ranging from 15 to 40 years. Respondents were asked to rate each of the issue to both home and hospital delivery using a Likert scale. The gathered data was analyzed through the use of t test with the level of significance set at 0.05. Results show that majority of the mothers preferred hospital delivery than home delivery.

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Compendium of Abstracts
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