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Submitted: 14 January 2015 Modified: 14 January 2015
HERDIN Record #: NCR-UERMMMC-15011401520084

Randomized controlled trial on the effect of pre-operative gum chewing on the level of postoperative anxiety among boys undergoing circumcision

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Introduction Circumcision is a Filipino tradition that persists today as a pre-adolescent coming-of-age surgery that, without sufficient mental preparation, may confer some level of psychological trauma. The procedure is made difficult by the anxiety of young boys prior to the operation. This study aimed to determine the effects of gum chewing in the pre- and post-circumcision anxiety of school-aged boys.

Methods Data were gathered from 241 boys, aged 7 to 13 years, who were present in the medical mission in Quezon City in April 2013. Data were encoded and analyzed using EpiInfo™ 3.5.4. Percent change in mean anxiety scores during pre-intervention, post-intervention, and post-circumcision were compared between and within the group using T-test.

Results  A 7.6% decrease in anxiety score was seen in the experimental group, while a 34.4% increase was seen in the control group. 

Conclusion This study shows that gum chewing has an immediate anxiety-relieving effect which is carried over until the postoperative period in boys undergoing circumcision.

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Health Sciences Journal
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January-June 2014


This study aimed to determine the effects of gum chewing in the pre- and post-circumcision anxiety of school-aged boys.

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