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Submitted: 02 December 2014 Modified: 24 September 2015
HERDIN Record #: R07-CVHRDC-14120207420928

A comparatives study on reamed versus unreamed femoral nails in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

1Phillipe Y. BAclig
Department of Orthopedics - Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center



  Our results suggest that reaming aids fracture healing. We therefore recommend the use of reamed nail, with an implant diameter chosen according to the weight of the patient, the degree of comminution and the diameter of the intramedullary canal.


Publication Type:
Research Report


General:  To compare the results of reamed nails versus unreamed nails in femoral fractures.


Specific: This study will seek to:

            1. Identify the different complications of reamed versus unreamed nails

              a. Union rate

              b. Incidence of implant failure


           2. Know if newer generation nails has effect on fracture healing.

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