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HERDIN Record #: NCR-TMC-14040415585291 Submitted: 04 April 2014 Modified: 04 May 2017

Injury Prevention for Children at the Medical City Pediatric Emergency Room.

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OBJECTIVE: To determine the role of The Injury Prevention Program (TIPP) in the recurrence of unintentional injuries among children age 0-12 years. METHODS: This is a randomized controlled trial done at The Medical City Pediatric Emergency Room. Children age 0-12 years old with unintentional injuries and their parents/guardians were randomized into control and intervention (TPP-SS) groups. Parents/guardians answered questionnaires and age-specific TIPP-Safety Surveys. The intervention group received TIPP-Safety Sheets. Both groups were followed-up after 2 weeks, and after one month. Recurrence of injuries, frequency and types of injuries, and baseline knowledge of parents/guardians using questionnaire and TIPP-SS were measured. RESULTS: 204 children with unintentional injuries were randomized into control and intervention groups. In both groups, majority were males, aged 1-4 years old. Most of the injuries occurred in the home (77.4%). Soft tissue contusions secondary to falls (24.5%) were the most common injuries. 13.2% of parents/guardians rely on their attending physicians for safety information. Comparable baseline knowledge using TIPP-SS were noted in parents/guardians of children in all age groups. There were 6 re-injuries in the control group compared to 5 re-injuries in the TIPP-SS group after weeks and after a month. CONCLUSION: the trend of unintentional injuries is similar to previous data. Most common was soft tissue contusions secondary to falls. Parents rely on their attending physician for safety information. The frequency of re-injury between the control and TIPPSS group seem promising that TIPPSS may be used as an adjunct in safety and injury prevention for children in the targeted age group.

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Research Report
April 4, 2009-April 4, 2014


To determine the role of The Injury Prevention Program (TIPP) in the recurrence of unintentional injuries among children age 0-12 years.

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