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Submitted: 30 April 2014 Modified: 04 June 2014

Herdin Record #: NCR-OLFU-14043014260818

Determination of the cytotic and the preliminary assessment of the antimitotic activity of the crude extract of Antigonon leptopus (Cadena de amor) flower.


1Kristine N. Concepcion Principal Investigator
2Robelyn B. Lorca Researcher
3Joana Nica D. Nadurarta Researcher
4Rezyl P. Tuba-on Researcher
5Angelita A. Rodriguez Adviser

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March 2014
Our Lady of Fatima University


The study focuses on on determining the cytotoxic and antimitotic activity of Antigonon leptopus (Cadena de Amor) flower.


This study was conducted to assess the cytotoxic and preliminary assessment of the antimitotic activity of Antigonon leptopus flower extract. The first step in the identification of the cytotoxic and antimitotic activity of the Antigonon leptopus flower is the screening of the plant extract's active chemical constituents. The plant sample was air dried, macerated and extracted to be able to detect the constituents present. Based on the results we obtained, Antigonon leptopus contains triterpenoids, flavonoids and tannins, which are the manifestations for the cytotoxic and antimitotic activity.

Cytotoxic activity of Antigonon leptopus flower extract was tested using Brine shrimp lethality assay. It was evaluated at three different concentrations i.e. 10, 100 and1000 ppm and potassium dichromate was used as the reference standard. In the experimentation, the number of surviving nauplii was counted. The cytotoxic effect of Antigonon leptopus flower extract at 1000 ppm was relatively better than that of the other two test concentrations (10 and 100 ppm). All of the three concentrations of Antigonon leptopus flower extract screened for activity against A. salina larvae exhibited cytotoxic activity. The Antigonon leptopus flower extract had 50% lethal concentration (LC50) value of less than 1000 ppm (232.26 ppm at 24 h), confirming that the extract was cytotoxic.

On the other hand, the preliminary assessment of the antimitotic activity of Antigonon leptopus flower extract was tested using Allium cepa test. The root tips of A. cepa were treated with different concentrations (100 ppm and 1000 ppm) of crude extract for 96 h along with negative control. The length of roots was measured afterwards. The researchers observed that the length of onion roots

placed on the different concentrations of A. leptopus crude extract were significantly shorter compared to the onion roots placed on distilled water only. This may indicate that A. leptopus crude extract exhibited an inhibition of the growth of the onion roots.

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