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Submitted: 15 April 2014 Modified: 16 April 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14041509054712

Skilling seniors in networking sites: Capturing technology benefits through phenomenology.

Social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Yahoo Mail, and MySpace) are popular online communication forms among people of all ages. This is an examination of social networking sites and the elderly. Interviews were conducted with seniors to identify the benefits of social networking usage. Results revealed that there is variety of benefits that seniors may get from social networking sites. Common benefits mentioned by the participants are: SNSs gives them entertainment; easy, wiser and better way of communication; in to trends; and diversion for boredom. Interviews provide the common SNS that elderly visit which is the Facebook. It also provides the actions and limitations among SNSs senior users. The results deepen current understanding in connecting seniors with their social circles. The results also suggest that there is a connection between seniors utilizing the social networking sites and isolation.

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This study wanted to identify how social networks are currently used by various groups and describes the current state computer literacy and social networking by seniors. It also aims to discuss the usage and attitudes towards social networking as perceived by senior citizens.

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