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Submitted: 15 April 2014 Modified: 16 April 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14041508562741

Is there TLC at LTC? Capturing the concept of tender loving care among Filipino elderly clients under monitored long-term care through phenomenology.

In a hospital setting, it never did happen that the core component of focus will be the medical staff. It has always been the end product of the deliverance-of-care equation. The focus has always been the patient who needs most of the attention in the medical field; the one who needs most of the love and care. Treatments that might be easily tolerated in younger patients may pose a much greater risk of producing harmful effects in older patients. Thus, treatment may be viewed as a stress. Due to the perceived stress, it was known that elderly populace wishes more to die than to live. This argument then gives substance to the deliverance of a profoundly-planted care in the healthcare setting. The aim of this study was to understand the perception of elderly clients about the meaning of Tender Loving Care provided by healthcare professionals. A qualitative approach and phenomenological design guided the technique used for data collection. Eight elderly clients took part in the study. The data were analyzed using Cool and Warm Analyses. The findings show that Tender Loving Care delivered by healthcare professionals can be seen by elderly clients as patient-focused attention, compact relationship of healthcare giver to patient, valued sensation conveyed, and marked competency. The new understanding that arrived was the dependency of the emergence of Tender Loving Care's interpretations to the theme that denotes patient linking themselves to their healthcare givers. The results of this study aspired to benefit the healthcare team, specifically in terms of understanding their clients. Likewise, further researches would get assistance from this research through foundation supplementation.

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Fatima University Research Journal
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March 2012


Using phenomenological design, this study explored on the the perceptions of elderly clients about the meaning of Tender Loving Care provided by healthcare professionals.

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