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Submitted: 09 September 2013 Modified: 18 January 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD13090915292779

Depression and anxiety among head and neck cancer patients admitted at the Philippine General Hospital.

Charitel A. Ramos,
Cherie Grace Quingking

OBJECTIVE: This study aims to determine the prevalence of psychological distress manifested as anxiety and depression among head and neck cancer patients admitted at the Philippine General Hospital.

METHODOLOGY: This was a cross-sectional study that used the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale- Pilipino (HADS- P) on head and neck cancer patients admitted at the Philippine General Hospital.

RESULTS: Fifty-six percent of the 42 patients manifested symptoms of anxiety and 51 % had symptoms of depression while seventy six percent had a mix of anxiety and depressive symptoms.

CONCLUSION: There is a high prevalence of depressive and anxiety symptoms among peri-operative and operative otorhinolaryngology (ORL) patients; thus, the need for a continuing Consultation Liaison program among ORL patients with the goal of integrating psychosocial aspects in their comprehensive health care plan for surgical patients.

Publication Type
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Journal Article, Original
The Philippine Journal of Psychiatry
Publication Date
January-June 2013
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