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HERDIN Record #: CAR-DOST-02111110024022 Submitted: 11 February 2011

A comparative study on the physical fitness and menstrual pattern of the Filipina athlete.

Charles L. Cheng

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Seventy women with age ranging from 14 to 30 and of which fifty were highly competitive athletes. Those in active sports, fourteen competed in the SEAG and two joined the Boston and Los Angeles marathon Run. They were evaluated for their training, menstrual patterns and menstrual problems.

The female athletes were physically fit, well educated with average height but the body weight were markedly less than the sedentary control group. They were likewise trained by professionally trained coaches and were following a very intensive training program.

The menarchal age were similar with an average mean in years at 13.9. More than one half began training and competing before the onset of menstruation. The number of menstrual period per year was significantly lower among those who participated in endurance training than the sedentary control group.

The athletes are often times subjected to psychological strains and disturbed emotional behaviour which are overlooked because the main focus is only on the individual characteristics that are related to athletic performance. The psychological factors are manifested as specific pressures such as anxiety, chronic worry and even non-appearance of menstruation.

Menstrual problems of women could be prevented by having an intensive educational campaign (IEC)on the variations and uniqueness of the menstrual cycle.

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Research Report
March 1-July 30, 2005
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Baguio Filipino Chinese General Hospital Abstract Print Format
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