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Recommended infection-control practices for dentistry, 1993.

This document updates previously published CDC recommendations for infection-control practices in dentistry to reflect new data, materials, technology, and equipment. when implemented, these recommendations should reduce the risk of disease transmission in the dental environment , from patient to dental health-care worker (DHCW), from DHCW to patient, and from patient to patient. Based on principles of infection control, the document delineates specific recommendations related to vaccination of DCHWs; protective attire and barrier techniques; handwashing and care of hands; the use and care of sharp instruments and needles; sterilization or disinfection of instruments; cleaning and disinfection of the dental unit and environmental surfaces; disinfection and the dental laboratory; use and care of handpieces, antiretraction valves, and other intraoral dental devices attached to air and water lines of dental units; single-use disposable instruments; the handling of biopsy specimens; use of extracted teeth in dental educational settings; disposal of waste materials; and implementation of recommendations. (Summary)

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Journal of the Philippine Dental Association
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March-May 1995
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