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Submitted: 21 January 2013 Modified: 10 May 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-RITM-13012115330733

Disease surveillance report(Dengue cases)

Department o. Health

A total of 51,597 dengue cases was reported nationwide from January 1 to July 14, 2012. This is 16.43% higher compared to the same time period last year (44,315).Most of the cases were from the following regions: National Capital Region (22.24%), Region IV-A (14.08%) and Region III (13.65%).Ages of cases ranged from less than 1 month to 90 years old (median = 12.67 years). Majority of cases were male (53%). Forty percent of cases belonged to the 1 to 10 years age group (Fig. 2). There were 324 deaths (CFR 0.63%) reported. Reported cases with CFR greater than 1 came from Regions IVB, VI, VIII, XI, XII, CARAGA and ARMM (Table 1).

Publication Type
Annual Report
Disease Surveillance Report
Publication Date
January 2012
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