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Submitted: 29 January 2013 Modified: 30 January 2013
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD13012913474662

Filipino family physician's attitudes, knowledge and practices related to exercise prescription: A national survey research.

R S. Alcantara,
A V. Pineda Jr,
B G. Tan,
MG M.  Garayblas

There is a general opinion that exercise exerts a positive impact on the quality of life and many aspects of health, but a number of problems persist. Among this is the physician's own health practices. If he demonstrates poor health behavior, his advise will lack credibility. This nationwide cross sectional survey research aimed to identify and evaluate the Filipino Family Physician's attitudes, knowledge and practices related to exercise prescription. Results: 1) demographic factors influencing the respondents regarding their knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to exercise prescription are: Practice - age, sex and length of years of practice, Attitudes - age, sex, highest postgraduate training taken; Knowledge - none; 2) The respondents generally performed physical activities and "unknowingly" are following the guidelines recommended by the ACSM regarding exercise prescription; 3) The respondents overwhelmingly encourage their patients to exercise and they do give exercise prescription according to the recommended guidelines set by the ACSM despite their inadequate knowledge and training skills in exercise prescription.

Publication Type
Biennial Report
University of Santo Tomas Research Report 1994-1996
Publication Date
January 1996

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