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HERDIN Record #: R09-ZCHRD-12032916033873 Submitted: 29 March 2012

Bioethics of organ donation among registered nurses and doctors at East Avenue Medical Center .

Erwin-Martin P. Cabusas

Background Advances in management of disease can create concerns about the implementation of new technologies such as organ transplantation. Principles of bioethics guide difficult negotiations that can characterize decisions about health care.

This descriptive survey utilized the convenience sampling method. Only those registered nurses and medical doctors who were present on duty during the distribution of survey-questionnaire were taken as samples. The research instrument used in this study was the questionnaire checklist, which was drawn from the literature and was prepared by the researcher in collaboration with his adviser and faculty members of the graduate school of Dr. Carlos S. Lanting to gather pertinent information needed for the study.

Results Findings revealed that majority of the respondents are younger in age; male, single, had young government service, and are medical doctors. Registered nurses and medical doctors agree that there are bioethical issues regarding organ donation. They believed that free and informed consent should be given by both donor and recipient. In addition, if ever one of the family members needs it they are willing to donate their organs. In terms of whether compensation or incentives will motivate organ donor they do not totally agree. There is no significant difference between the perception of registered nurses and that of the doctors regarding organ donation issues. The problems encountered by registered nurses and doctors related to organ donation are commodification of body parts, knowledge deficit about organ donation, organ/tissue rejection, moral/religious/cultural issues, and risks during procurement/operation.

An organ donation awareness program through health teachings utilizing television, symposium, seminars, brochures and other forms of educational materials should be given priority by the government.

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This study aims to determine the bioethical implications of organ donation among Registered Nurses and Medical Doctors at East Avenue Medical Center.

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