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HERDIN Record #: R09-ZCHRD-12032915295782 Submitted: 29 March 2012

Understanding children and youth in two high health risk areas in Zamboanga City.

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The study used a combination of Rapid Field Appraisal Approach and a cross sectional survey applying the snowball sampling to identify case respondents.

The scenarios of the children/youth involvement in smoking, drugs and alcohol explored very sensitive areas, which were difficult to be captured in the actual documentation. The forms of child abuse identified and research locations were carefully chosen by the researchers from the reported prevalent high health risk areas of the City Health Office, Region 9. The investigations focused on situations of the children and youth respondents from ages ten to nineteen years old to contribute a deeper understanding of their situation on the challenges on how "to save these children and youth". More importantly, it is hope that studies like this will guide policy makers in the region, community leaders and practitioners to tackle the necessary interventions from the problems shown.

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Research Report


The central subject of the study was to investigate the high health risk faced by children and youth hooked to smoking and substance abuse ending up to teen-age pregnancy and STD in two representative impoverished rural and urban barangays in Zamboanga City. This study seeks to generate information relevant to the children and youth in high health risk and poverty and establish the factors that best explain why and how children enter and take part in this line of activity.

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