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HERDIN Record #: CAR-BGHMC-12111311062226 Submitted: 13 November 2012 Modified: 26 November 2012

Perioperative patient satisfaction with anesthesia: a prospective survey.

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This study was undertaken to assess how satisfied or dissatisfied a patient is with the anesthesia rendered to him/her with a self-completed questionnaire . It was designed as a randomized, prospective and evaluative study. This study covered 120 patients who undergone elective or emergency surgeries under general or regional anesthesia. A questionnaire was completed by the patient 24-48 hours post-operation. The questionnaire asked about eh physical, emotional and relational domains of the patient and were answered using a five - point Likert scale, where 1=much less than expected, 2 = less than expected, 3 = as expected, 4 = more than expected, and 5 = much more than expected. The scores for negatively worded items were reversed so that lower scores indicated a higher level of satisfaction. After the study , the researcher was enlightened on the strong and weak points in the provision of anesthesia care and provided useful data regarding the quality of Anesthesia services rendered at the Baguio General and Medical Center.

Publication Type
Research Report


General objective:
The purpose of this study was to determine how satisfied or dissatisfied patients were after surgery, taking into account the service rendered by the Anesthesia Dept.
Specific objective:
This study aimed to:
a. determine the distribution of each profile who had undergone the anesthetic procedure
b. describe the patient's experience of anesthesia in the early postoperative period, with a self - completed questionnaire;
c. identify factors that may be significant predictors of either patient satisfaction or dissatisfaction; and
d. evaluate the standard of care provided by the anesthesia dept.

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