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Submitted: 15 August 2011 Modified: 15 August 2011
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08151104083543

Mass treatment of schistosomiasis in Leyte.

1Lilia Arteche
Department of Health - Schistosomiasis Control Service, DOH - SCS,


A total of 50,306 individuals were examined or 27.19 percent of the target population in the 23 municipalities and one city endemic for the disease. Of these, 4,824 were schisto-positives, or a prevalence of 9.59 percent, 73.31 percent of

Publication Type:
Research Project
January 1-June 30, 1988


The study will demonstrate the impact of an integrated approach to the control of schistosomiasis through a province-wide selective mass chemotherapy program which maybe adopted in other endemic provinces.

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