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Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 16 September 2019
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A look at utilization and cancer detection yield of mammography.

Catherine S. Co,

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BACKGROUND: In the Philippines, mammography is frequently requested in the evaluation of patients with breast cancer concern.
OBJECTIVES: The general objective was to take a look at the practice of requesting for a mammography in a health care institution and its outcome in terms of cancer detection in patients with non- palpable breast masses.
METHODS: A retrospective review of past records from 1994 to 2001 was accomplished.
RESULTS: A total of 7,323 mammog-raphies. 192 (3 percent) were done in the 20-29 age group; 966 (13 percent) in 30-39 age group; 2708 (37 percent) in 40-49 age group, 2410 (33 percent) in 50-59 age group and the remaining 1047 (14 percent) in those older than 60 years old. The top three physicians requesting for mammography were obstetrician-gynecologists, 2337 (32 percent); general surgeons, 1348 (18 percent) and internists and family medicine specialists, 806 (10 percent). Normal findings were reported in 4449 (61 percent); benign in 2721 (37 percent), suspicious for cancer without a clinically palpable mass in 99 (1.35 percent) and suspicious for cancer with a palpable breast mass in 52 patients (0.74 percent). A total of 50 patients underwent needle localization biopsy of which 35 had fibrocystic changes (70 percent), 10 had cancer (20 percent) and 5 with indefinite results.
CONCLUSION: The overall cancer detection yield for mammography in those without a palpable breast mass, 7271 (7323-52) persons, was extrapolated to be 0.28 percent (20/7271). The authors deemed the information obtained in this study would be useful to the public, health care administrators and health care providers in reviewing the indication and cost-effectiveness of mammography.

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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties
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October-December 2004
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