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Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 12 May 2017
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC040672

Comparison of hemostasis, vessel bursting and pressures and wall damage of an alternative cautery shears, bi-polar electrosurgery and harmonic scalpel in porcine vessel model: A randomized study.

1Deogracias Alberto G. Reyes,
2Eziquel Yumang,
3Edgardo B. Cabrera
Department of Surgery, Department of Pathology - St. Luke's Medical Center


Objective: The efficacy of an alternative thermocautery shears (ATS) constructed by the investigators was assessed in a porcine model against an electrosurgical unit (ESU) and Harmonic scalpel (HS) Methods: Forty-five mesenteric arteries were divided using the respective apparatus. Time from application to transection and hemostasis was recorded. Thirty 1 centimeter segments of femoral artery were sealed by the test apparatus and bursting pressures obtained. The welded mesenteric vessels were evaluated for wall damage Results: No statistical difference between the HS and the ATS for time of vessel transection and hemostasis was noted. The bipolar ESU has the longest time (p0.001). Bursting pressures were comparable between the HS and the ATS (p Conclusion: This study showed that the ATS may be a viable alternative to current modalities of hemostasis.

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Journal Article, Reprint
Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties
Publication Date:
July 2004
Philippine College of Surgeons

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