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Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 20 November 2017
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Resisting risky sexual activity: SHINE project shows how: Philippines.

This article presents the Sexual Health Initiatives through Networking and Education (SHINE), an 18-month Project on reproductive health for young adults 13-25 years old by CARE/Philippines. SHINE targets the two most likely places to effectively reach large numbers of youth: the school and the workplace. Completed in December 1999, the project has made significant achievements in increasing the youths knowledge of important reproductive health issues and enabling them to make informed decisions about their reproductive life. In addition, it has been established a referral network of service providers to ensure sustainable access to quality reproductive health services. During its implementation, it addresses cultural constraints in promoting adolescent reproductive health in the Philippines. The SHINE project encourages the involvement of the youth, school and community through the parents and other concerned organizations/agencies. It enables the youth to increase their knowledge and to focus on values that would guide them in making the right decisions about their reproductive life. Moreover, it provides supporting structures for the young, including youth-friendly medical facilities that offer counseling and medical services. (Author)

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Adolescence Education Newsletter
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December 1999
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