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Submitted: 16 May 2007
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC930816

A comparative study on the effect of mass treatment of the entire community and selective treatment of children of the total prevalence of soil-transmitted helminthiases in two communities, Mindoro, Philippines.

 Cruz AC,
 Cabrera BD

Two comparative barangays in Mindoro constitute the study area. Selective treatment was applied in Ordovilla and mass treatment was applied in San Narciso.Treatment, using pyrantel pamoate and oxantel-pyrantel at half the recommended dose, were given for the first two years and oxantel-pyrantel at full dose in the third year. The effect of these two interventions on the total prevalence of geohelminths was determined
Both areas experienced a marked declined in the prevalence of the three geohelminths from the first treatment year to the third or last treatment year, when compared with baseline data
Among children, the percentage of decline in prevalence in the two areas is about the same for ascariasis; for trichuriasis and hookworm, selective treatment showed a greater percentage of decline than mass treatment
Among adults, mass treatment showed a greater percentage of decline than selective treatment for ascariasis and trichuriasis, but the percentages of decline were equal for hookworm
In terms of overall prevalence, neither intervention had an appreciable difference for the three geohelminths, as shown by the similar percentage decline
In conclusion, the three-year observation seems to indicate that there is no need to apply mass treatment of an entire community in attempting to reduce prevalence of these geohelminths inasmuch as selective treatment will provide the same result. There will therefore be considerable savings on funds, time, effort and manpower on the part of the sponsor involved in this type of project.(Summary and conclusion)

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Collected Papers on the Control of Soil-Transmitte
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