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Submitted: 16 May 2007
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC890592

Behavioral risk factor surveillance in a population group at risk factor for HIV infection in the Philippines.

 Sotocua E Jr,
 Almario EN,
 Casuela P,
 Monzon OT,
 Zeta R,
 Capellan J

The results of this behavioral risk-factor surveillance among subjects in the Philippines with multiple sexual partners showed that although males more frequently admitted to receptive anal sex, females had a greater number of sexual partners, more partners originating from other countries, and were employed in sex-oriented work for a longer duration than males. Minimal condom\use in both groups were also elicited. These findings suggest that the female group possesses risk behaviors which render them more likely to acquire HIV infection. The demonstration of HIV infection, only among females may support this observation although the period of surveillance is too short and the number of infected individuals too small for any definite conclusion. The need for a health education/intervention program in this population incorporating this issue is indicated. Additional studies on these population groups are in progress.(Auth)

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Special Collection
First Interl Congress on AIDS in Asia & Other STD
1987 Nov 24-26
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UPM-Med FIL RA440.5 R31 1988 Abstract Print Format (Request Document)

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