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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD012508100151 Submitted: 26 January 2008

To determine the prevalence of the poisoning cases seen and admitted at MCU-FDTMF Hospital,Department of Pediatrics from January 1,1998-December 31,2003.

Elnah A. Gulliab,
Rowena M. Mullaneda,
Mylyn F. Mendoza

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Publication Type
Research Report
November 30, 2004


General Objective:To identify the different poisoning cases seen and admitted at MCU-FDTMF hospital department of pediatrics from January 1,1998 to December 31,2003
Specific Objectives:1.To find out the demographic of all poisoning cases admitted at MCU-FDTMF hospital as to age,sex and locality.
2.To classify the number of poisoning cases as to: 1.Intention-accidental or intentional 2.Most common agent involved 3.Most common route of exposure 4.Most common site of occurence 5.Caretaker at the time of incident
3.To determine the outcome of children who took the poison as to:
1.Number of patients admitted,discharged,transferred to hospital of choice or sent home against medical advice and mortality.
2.Proportion of toxicological analysis done(blood and urine analysis)
3.Number of psychiatry referrals.
4.Psychiatric problems,if present.

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Manila Central University-Filemon D. Tanchoco Memorial Foundation 342 Abstract

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