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Submitted: 25 January 2008 Modified: 27 February 2018
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD012508120118

A study on the mosquito repellant effect of Lansium Domesticum (Lanzones) peel on mosquitoes.

Ana Grutas,
Leojane Marzan,
Joann Rusiana,
Anthony Santos,
Waldemar Siahaan

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OBJECTIVE: This study aims to determine the repellant effect of Lansium Domesticum(Lanzones) peel on mosquitoes.

METHODOLOGY: Two-set-up were constructed,one for the Lanzones repellant and the other for the commercially available mosquito repellant coils. Each set-ups were smoked for 30 minutes by their respective repellant. The mosquitoes that transferred to the chamber were counted every five minutes.

RESULTS: There were 3 trials for each repellant and the results of the Lanzones repellant were 37,38,33 respectively.Compared with the results of commercially available "katol" of 36,30,35. Data gathered in this experiment were analyzed using the chi-square and T-test tool statistical analysis to see whether the gathered data were significant. The chi-square value gathered in exercises were 0.62,0.26,0.99 while the p-value for the T-test was 0.09,respectively.

CONCLUSION: This study revealed that the effect of Lanzones peel as repellant is comparable to commercially availabe "katol" which is considered the most popular and widely used insecticide vaporizers.

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Research Report
November 30, 2004
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