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Submitted: 16 May 2007
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDHE901716

An outbreak of febrile diarrhea in a five-star hotel in Metro Manila.

 Salva EP,
 Dayrit MM,
 Pastor NI,
 Rayray RU,
 White ME

A total of 54 (36% of total guests) were interviewed. Thirty-eight got ill (70%) and 16 (30%) did not. The onsets of illness of the 38 guests was from September 17, 1989 to September 19, 1989
The ages of those who got ill ranged from 2-73 years with a mean age of 39. There were 20 (53%) males and 18 (47%) females affected. They came from different areas in Metro Manila - Makati (68%), Manila (21%), Valenzuela (5%), Muntinlupa (3%) and Caloocan City (3%)
The three most common symptoms were diarrhea (100%), fever (89%) and abdominal cramps (87%). The stool was described as watery, greenish, mucoid, non-bloody and foul smelling in most of the cases
The duration of illness ranged from one day to 7 days with a median of 3 days
Thirty-three (87%) sought medical consultation and 7 (18%) of them were confined in different hospitals. Most of them were treated with antibiotics. There were no deaths
Analysis of the food specific attack rates implicated steamed lapu-lapu with mayonnaise (p 0.01 R.R.

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