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Submitted: 16 May 2007
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDHE901696

Fecal pollution of "tahong" and "tahong" growing waters in Manila Bay, Cavite and Bataan : July 11 - August 14, 1990.

 Relox J Jr,
 Bautista NB Jr

A total of 43 sea water and 18 "tahong" samples were collected between July 11 to August 14, 1990 from sampling stations in Manila bay, Cavite and Bataan. Forty-seven percent (20) of the sea water and 61% (11) of "tahong" samples were collected from Bataan
The total and fecal geometric means of sea water of all sampling stations, except station 5 in Manila bay, Cavite, were above the standard of an approved shellfish growing waters
The fecal coliform counts in "tahong" were 7 times to 50,000 times more than the fecal coliforms in sea water

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