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Submitted: 16 May 2007
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDHE901742

Survey on consumers knowledge on generics and buying habits.

A total of 418 respondents were interviewed in 19 different drugstores in Metro Manila. Among the respondents, 99% were Metro Manila residents while 1% came from the provinces. Interviewed were 153 males and 265 females. Ages of respondents ranged from 15 to 76 years old with a mean of 33 years
216 (52%) have heard or read about generics, while 202 (48%) have not heard or read anything about it.Among the 216 who have heard or read about generics, 206 (95%) correctly associated it with drugs while the remaining 8 (4%) have heard about generics but associated it with issues other than drugs. Interviewees ranged from the jobless to the professionals. Those who reached college were more likely to have knowledge about NDP than those who did not reach college (p value 0.05, chi square test, Yates corrected)

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