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Submitted: 22 January 2008
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD012108100145

Knowledge attitude and practices of secondary school students of Dela Salle Araneta University foundation regarding methods of contraception.

Katherine Tan,
Lyzeil Ero,
Nonette Urayani,
Allan Aguinaldo

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Publication Type
Research Report
November 30, 2004


General Objectives:
To determine the knowledge,attitude,and practices of High School students of Gregorio Araneta foundation regarding methods of contraception.

Specific Objectives:
1.To determine the knowledge of the respondents regarding contraception as to:
a.The definition of contraception
b.The source of knowledge about contraception
c.The age when they acquire the knowledge of contraception
d. The knowledge on the different methods of contraception

2.To determine the attitude of respondents regarding contraception as to:
a.Acceptance about contraception
b.The acceptable method of contraception.
c.Endorsement on the utilization of contraception

3.To determine the practices of respondents regarding the use of contraceptives as to:
a.Utilization of contraception
b.EfTectiveness on the utilization of the contraceptive use.

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