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Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 18 January 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC922767

Psychosocial aspects of adolescent cancer patients in the Philippine General Hospital.

Antonio C. Sison,
Rosa Maria H. Nancho ,
Julie C. Ong

This descriptive analytical study aims to explore the various psychosocial aspects of an adolescent ill with cancer. Thirty male and female patients ages 10-21 years old seen at the in and out-patients services of the Philippine General Hospital were interviewed using a guided questionnaire. Results showed majority of the patients knew their diagnosis but did not perceived their illness as severe and 40% denied having any fears about their illness. Some attributed their illness to cultural beliefs and practices. Reactions to illness ranged from verbalized depression and anxiety to nonverbal responses. Most of them had body image alteration and changed attitudes towards their future. All of them felt pampered by their family in spite of the added financial strain of their illness. Majority wanted their physician to discuss with them their illness and reported a satisfactory doctor-patient relationship. However, most of the patient could not ask their doctor questions about their illness. It is recommended that the health team take the initiative to discuss the illness with the patient and address the emotional needs of both the patient and his family. (Author)

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Journal Article, Original
The Philippine Journal of Psychiatry
Publication Date
January-December 1989
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