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Submitted: 19 October 2006 Modified: 19 October 2006
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD101806041046

The clinical, hormonal, imaging and histopathologic profile of benign adenomatous goiter with aggressive growth pattern: A case series.

Leilani B. Mercado-Asis,
Elaine C. Payumo,
Proceso Marc F. Udarbe

Objective: To discuss the clinical, hormonal, imaging and histopathologic profile of patients with benign adenomatous goiter

Study design: Case series

Setting: University of Santo Tomas

Summary: Adenomatous goiters are benign thyroid enlargements that can be mistaken to be malignant because of their aggressive nature producing compression of adjacent structures. In this case series we describe three patients with substernal extension of thyroid gland enlargement with ages ranging from 53 to 67 years. Two had a family history of goiter. One had hoarseness of voice, two had dyspnea, and one had dysphagia. Duration of goiter ranged from 4 months to 29 years. All patients have diabetes mellitus and two have hypertension. All patients had elevated free thyroxine (FT4) levels. One had suppressed thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and two were on the low normal range. All the patients had varied clinical and hormonal profile. All the subjects had mediastinal extension of the thyroid gland as confirmed by computed tomography (CT) scan. All subjects underwent surgical removal of the thyroid gland by cervicotomy. The histopathology showed multiple follicles lined by flattened epithelium containing abundant colloid, consistent with benign adenomatous goiter. Only one of our subjects developed hypocalcemia postoperatively. There was no mortality in our case series

Conclusion: We described three patients with benign adenomatous goiter with substernal extension. Despite the aggressive behavior of this tumor, histopathology results revealed benign adenoma. It is important to emphasize the value of clinical, hormonal, imaging studies and histopathologic correlation when dealing with this rare type of thyroid abnormality. (Author)

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Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine
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March-April 2005


To discuss the clinical, hormonal, imaging and histopathologic profile of patients with benign adenomatous goiter

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