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Submitted: 25 July 2018 Modified: 25 July 2018
HERDIN Record #: NCR-UERMMMC-18072514565828

Awareness of physical therapy among grade 10 students under the K-12 program.

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Introduction  This study determined the level of awareness of grade 10 junior high school students on physical therapy education, scope of practice, their source of information, and aimed to identify factors resulting in non-familiarity of the students on physical therapy.

Methods Grade 10 junior high school students were recruited from three private schools in the National Capital Region through non-probability sampling techniques. The students completed a self-administered survey questionnaire. Descriptive statistics focused on frequency distribution.

Results Most of the 387 respondents were aware of the discipline (physical therapy), with 31% of them answering that their family was their primary source of information. Many thought Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy was a four-year course, with human anatomy being one of the major subjects. The respondents also knew that a licensure examination was essential to practice physical therapy. They also expected physical therapists to offer different treatment modalities, such as exercises, massage therapy, hot and cold packs for various musculoskeletal disorders. Respondents also viewed the work of physical therapists to be hospital-based, with average monthly income ranging from PhP 12,000.00 to PhP 20,000.00. On the other hand, students who were unaware of physical therapy did not have relatives who were health professionals and appeared to be uninterested in pursuing any health pr science-related degree program in college.

Conclusion Even though most of the students were aware of physical therapy as a profession, majority of them lacked knowledge as to physical therapy education and scope of practice.

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