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Submitted: 23 May 2016 Modified: 23 May 2016
HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-16052314550789

The Prognostic Value Of Ed Blood Celldistribution Width In Predicting Majo T Adverse Cardiovascular Events Among Patient With Acute Coronary Synd Ome.

Emillie V. Aya-Ay,
Felipe S. Templo Jr.

Background: Red cell distribution wid:h (ROW) is the quantitative measure of Anisocytosis, the variability in size of t-ie circulating erythrocytes. Although not previously correlated with cardiovascu ar outcomes, elevation of ROW has been associated with other disease proces es, including liver disease, malnutrition,

Occult colon cancer, and neoplastic metastases to marrow.       

Methods: We enrolled 523subjects wi:h Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) from

October 2008 to Oecember 2009. \A'e determined the Troponin I levels and

ROW from their cbcresults. We followed them up for 6 months to determine

Occurrence of any major adverse cardiovascular outcomes.

Results: The study population consist ed of 353 (67.5%) males and the mean Age is 61.65 ± 12.726 years old. There were 76 subjects (14.5%) with unstable Angina; 218 (41.7%) with non-ST elevation myocardial infarction; and 229 Subjects (43.8%) had a diagnosis of sr elevation myocardial infarction. ROW Value of ~ 14.15 is most predictive of c irdiovascular events with a sensitivity of 38.1%, specificity of 76%, and kappa co-efficient of 0.107± 0.043. It further proves that ROW is an independent oredictor of MACE as with Troponin I. However, high Troponin I values had a 2.502 times ability to predict MACE than When it is low. High rowon the other land, had a 1.273 times ability to predict MACE than when it is low. Neverthel .ss, when ACS patients presents with a Negative Troponin I result, the prognos ic relevance of ROW cannot be of use.



Conclusion: ROW is an independent prognosticator of cardiovascular events Among ACS patients. A cut-off score of ~ 14.15 is most predictive of this Condition. A positive Troponin I resu t enhances the prognostic relevance of ROW. These observations might lead to the rationale of introducing ROW as a Part of the algorithm in cardiovascu ar risk prediction that would further enhance treatment guidelines in the future.

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