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Submitted: 10 February 2016 Modified: 10 February 2016
HERDIN Record #: R04A-DLSHSI-16021011115025

Postnatal outcome of hydronephrosis detected during prenatal ultrasonography : A Descriptive study.

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Objectives : To determine the postnatal outcome of infants who were diagnosed with prenatal hydronephrosis Design : A descriptive study Patients : Patients with fetal hydronephrosis Methods : Prenatal findings, postnatal findings, laboratory and imaging study were summarized. The postnatal outcome in infants with fetal hydronephrosis were determined. Results : A total of 10 infants with fetal hydronephrosis were included in the study. Most of the infants with fetal hydronephrosis were detected during the 3rd trimester of gestation (>28 week of gestation). Nine (90%) were males while there was 1 (10%) female with a 9:1 male to female ratio. Most of patients presented with abdominal distention and normal complete blood count. Two out of ten patients (20%) had pyuria with positive microorganism growth in urine cultures for Escherichia coli. Five (50%) patients showed unilateral calyceal dilatation. Three out of five patients predominated in the left kidney. Five (50%) had bilateral calyceal dilatation which makes 8 out of 10 (80%) had left kidney involvement. Reduced differential renal function unilaterally (70%) and unilateral obstructive hydronephrosis (50%) were noted.VCUG was performed in 7 patients, revealed no reflux (57%), VUR (28.6%) and UPJO (14.3%). Spontaneous resolution (60%), while 4 patients had significant findings namely VUR (20%), UPJO (10%), ureterocele (20%). Spontaneous resolution occurred within 1-6 months, VUR right diagnosed at 4 days of life, VUR bilateral diagnosed at 2 months of age and ureterocele at first day of life. Conclusion : The most common causes of congenital hydronephrosis are transient and physiologic hydronephrosis accounting for 60% of cases.

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 To determine the postnatal outcome of infants who were diagnosed with prenatal hydronephrosis 

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