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Submitted: 29 March 2007 Modified: 04 March 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD032807070310

Quantitative assessment of concept maps in pulmonary physiology of first year medical students.

Raquel C. Jocson

This study implemented small-group learning using case narratives on first year medical students of a city government-funded university in Metro Manila and assessed the students' structural knowledge. Three case narratives were designed, then revised after review by physiology teachers from four medical schools, and implemented using small group discussion. Two groups of students constructed concept maps on each of the three case narratives. The similarity between students' and teacher's concept maps was determined using Closeness measure and pathfinder scaling algorithm. Pathfinder scaling logarithm was used to measure the distance between concepts. A correlation of similarity between teacher's and students' concept maps was determined. Findings revealed that the students were able to perceive the cognitive benefits of concept mapping as cited in the literature. The study concluded that students' knowledge that was developed through problem-based learning can be quantitatively evaluated using concept mapping. Small group discussion can produce outcomes very close to what teachers intended to happen during the learning process.

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Journal Article, Original
The University of the Philippines Manila Journal
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January-June 2005
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