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Submitted: 16 August 2011
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161112085892

Pilot project on the utilization of medicinal plants delivery in primary health care.

Nelia C. Maramba

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Forty-six seminars were conducted for disseminating proper utilization of scientifically validated medicinal plants to a total of 3,376 participants composed of health workers, health professionals and others. Herbal preparations produced by the NSTA Pilot Plant had been actually utilized at the grass roots level. Evaluation of the herbal medicine program was carried out in Regions I, VI and XII. Publications include 2 editions of "Manwal sa Paggamit ng Halamang Gamot" and the First Edition in English, "Guidebook on the Proper Use of Medicinal Plants"

Publication Type
Research Project


The project aimed to conduct seminars on proper utilization of scientifically validated medicinal plants and to evaluate the herbal medicine program in 4 regions and publish manuals on medicinal plants for information dissemination.

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