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Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 04 March 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC971477

Drug dependence among Filipinos referred to the National Poison Control and Informations Services of the Philippine General Hospital.

Demographic studies on drug dependence among Filipinos have been previously done. Data for these studies were primarily collected from drug rehabilitation centers. The establishment of the NPCIS (UP-PGH) has made available data on a sub-group of drug abusers; namely, those seeking medical attention for a variety of medical problems A chart review of patients referred to the NPCIS from the Out-Patient Department and the Emergency Room Complex from January 1993 to July 1994 was done. Data on age, sex, mortality and other variables were collected There were significantly more males than females drug dependents referred to the Center. Common drugs of abuse included ethanol, methamphetamine, cannabinoids, benzodiasepines and opiods. More common signs and symptoms leading to medical consult among drug abusers were behavioral changes, intoxication, withdrawal symptoms, chest pains, palpitations, seizures and dyspnea The most common drugs of abuse are ethanol and methamphetamine. The most common medical problems encountered were loss of consciousness and behavioral changes. An association was noted between the choice of drug for abuse and the age of the patient. There are also potentially serous medical problems encountered by drug abusers which we should be aware of at all times.

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The Philippine Journal of Emergency Care
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July 1996
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