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Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 12 April 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC890552

Continuous diazepam drip in the management of tetanus: Review of four (4) cases seen at the DLSU-Medical Center.

Romeo P. Ariniego ,
Victoria D. Basa-Dalay

Diazepam has been proven effective in the management of tetanus. Four (4) tetanus cases seen at the University Medical Center over a period of three (3) years were reviewed regarding the efficacy of continuous diazepam drip. All patients below 15 and above 60 years old were automatically excluded in the study. All cases (4/4) received continuous drip of diazepam at the infusion rate ranging from 0.04 mg/min to 0.5 mg/min. (2.5-15 mg/hour). Results showed that there was a remarkable improvement seen on the third (3rd) day post-drip. Such improvement was gauged on the basis of the decrease in spasm frequency and the patients ability to open their mouth. Lack of pertinent data, especially of the weight and height of the patients, and the limited number of cases had led to inconclusive results. However, this report suggests that continuous diazepam drip offers some hope in reducing mortality from the disease and it decreases the number of days of confinement in the hospital except in severe complicated cases. Further clinical trial of diazepam drip especially among neonates and children should be evaluated first on its effective dosage and safety.

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Case report
The Medical Journal of DLSU-EACM
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December 1987
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