Submitted: 26 June 2007 Modified: 30 June 2016
Herdin Record #: PCHRD062507030626

Dr.  Maribel  G.  Nonato

Birth Date:
31 July 1957
Civil Status:

Contact Information

Mailing Address
Lot 3 Blk 13, First St., Virginia Summerville Phase 1, Mambugan, Antiopolo City Rizal 1870
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Field of Expertise :
Natural Products, Chemistry, (Phytochem & Spectroscopy)
Field of Interest :
1) Chemical and Biological Potentials of the Genus Pandanus in the Philippines: Bioassay-guided Isolation and structure elucidation 2) Natural Products with biological activity particularly antimicrobial, antimycobacterial agents and anti-inflammatory from ethnomedicinal plants 3) Chemotaxonomy
Work Experience / Trainings / Seminar :
1)Training Workshop on New Techniques for Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care Products (Jinan, China)- September 12-22, 2006
2) Travel Grant, sponsored by the EU-RACP to attend the EU-ASEAN Regional Workshop on "Data Protection (Pharmaceuticals)", Bangkok, Thailand- April 29-30, 2004
Had experience in leading the development and implementation of research programs :
Had experience in acting as a trainer or mentor of future researches :

Academic Information

Post Graduate University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia PhD Organis Chemistry(natural products) 1993
Graduate University of Santo Tomas MS Chemistry 1986
Undergraduate University of Santo Tomas BS Chemistry 1978

Institutional Affiliations

College of Science, University of Santo Tomas Professor - present
Natural Products Society of the Philippines Secretary April 7, 2005 - present
Natural Sciences Cluster, Graduate School Discipline Consultant June 1, 2001 - May 31, 2007
Organic Chemistry Teacher President 2000 - present
Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies President January 2014 - Present
Research & Innovation Vice Rector September 2014 - Present
Research Center for the Natural Sciences, University of Santo Tomas Director June 1,2000 - May 31, 2007
Research Center for the Natural Sciences, University of Santo Tomas Researcher - present