Submitted: 20 June 2007
Herdin Record #: PCHRD061907110644

Mrs.  Concepcion  F.  Ang

Civil Status:

Contact Information

Mailing Address
Infectious Disease Section Department of Medicine University of the Philippines-Philippine General hospital
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Field of Expertise :
Infectious Diseases
Field of Interest :
Infectious Diseases
Work Experience / Trainings / Seminar :
1> Certificate Course in Research Ethics
2> Basic Dangerous Good Regulation (IATA Dangerous Goods)
3> National Group Training Course on Tuberculosis (Southeast Asian Medical Information)
4> Training Course on Basic Biotechnology
5> In Country Training Course on Sexually Transmitted Disease
6> Hospital Infection Control Training Course
7> In Country Training Course and Education Program for AIDS Research
8> Training Course in Leptospirosis
9> Training Course in Anaerobic Bacteriology
10> Training in Diagnostic Parasitology
11> 1st Postgraduate Course in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine
12> Biological Safety Cabinets-Primary Barrier Against Contamination
13> Medical Technologist Seminar
14> 1st Scientific Seminar on Infection Control Program in the Philippines: Roles, Rules and Relevance
15> 2nd Annual Convention Of the Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratories “ Quality Management for Laboratory Excellence “
16> 4th Western Pacific Congress on Chemotherapy and Infectious Disease
17> Molecular Biology Techniques & Immunodiagnostics
18> Fogarty Fellowship Training on HIV AIDS
19> Diagnosis of Extra-Pulmonary TB by Tissue PCR
20> Drug Susceptibility Test Using Phage Assay and Refinements on PCR Technique
Had experience in leading the development and implementation of research programs :

Academic Information

Undergraduate Centro Escolar University BS Medical Technology 1973

Institutional Affiliations

Infectious Disease Section Research Assistant December 1976 - June 1977
Medical Research Laboratory, Department of Medicine Laboratory Operational Manager 2000 - March 2004
REPSA-UP Manila President 2007 - 2009
REPSA-UP Manila Vice President 2005 - 2006
UP College of Medicine University Researcher Associate II January 1, 1990 - March 1993
UP College of Medicine University Researcher I - present
UP College of Medicine Research Assistant January 18, 1982 - April 1989
UP-NSTA Integrated Project No. 8004 Research Assistant July 1, 1977 - January 17, 1982